About Us

Mother Murphy’s is a family-owned and operated food flavoring business

with headquarters in Greensboro, N.C.


In the decades since our founding, we’ve grown from a two-man business to a successful company with customers around the globe. We ship our food flavoring, flavor extracts and powdered flavoring to more than 30 countries.


What has allowed our consistent growth, and long-term stability? A commitment to developing high-quality food flavorings for our customers.


This commitment drives us to work harder to come up with new and innovative flavor extracts and powdered flavoring. To never skimp on quality ingredients. And to treat our customers like family.

A family history of food flavoring

The Murphy family has been in the business of developing and selling food flavors, flavor extracts and powdered flavoring since 1946. We’ve gone from taking orders with pen and paper to using integrated purchasing, logistics and tracking software that can provide real-time information on orders.


We don’t record our formulations and ingredients on paper anymore, either. An internal software solution allows us to instantly review all manufacturing steps associated with each ingredient, essential information if an ingredient used in production is recalled.

Our customers really matter to us

When your family’s name is on the door, you work harder to make customers happy. Our customers’ satisfaction is a direct reflection on our whole team, and we strive to exceed expectations with each and every transaction.


There’s our R&D team, a group of perfectionists who aren’t happy with close enough. Our sales team, who never over-promises and under-delivers. And the people who work in distribution and shipping, who make sure our customers receive their orders on time and with the correct regulatory paperwork.


Our company has customers, both large and small, that we’re proud to have served for decades. These include global food conglomerates, boutique beverage manufacturers and just about anything you can imagine in between.

From our flavor files

Our chemists are constantly developing new flavors to be included in our library of more than 60,000 flavors.

flavor capabilities
beverage flavors
bakery flavors
dairy flavors
confection flavors


If you can imagine it, we can create it.